Computer Cookbook - School Recruitment

Why write this open source book

In the process of preparing for the internship, the author learned a lot from the open source community, such as knowing the blogs of many bigwigs ( Halfrost’s Field | Frostland ), and building my own knowledge base ( Ricear’s Notebook ). Therefore, I want to deposit this knowledge and give back to the community. On the one hand, you can not only deepen your understanding of these knowledge, but on the other hand, you can also communicate with other small partners to learn and make progress together.

About the cover

The cover picture is a cute 🐶 with calm eyes and calm eyes. Only when we are prepared can we know what to do and take it easy.

The meaning of the cover title is “The Road to Computer School Recruitment”, which means that this book is mainly suitable for students who participate in post-practice school recruitment for back-end development related positions.

The color of the cover theme is yellow, which is the color of “Harvest 🌾”. I hope this book can wish you all 💪 and 🎠 success.

The text at the bottom of the cover reads “The road is long, but the journey is near. Heaven rewards diligence, and the accumulation of wealth will make little progress.” " Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year .” Only when we are down-to-earth and keep accumulating can we calmly deal with opportunities when they come.


Most of the content of this book comes from blogs, open source communities and books, and is then organized according to the author’s understanding. The main sources are listed here to express my gratitude to the author:

Target audience

Undergraduate and graduate students who are ready to participate in internships or school recruitment related to computer back-end development.

Instructions for use

Interactions and Errata

  • If there is something missing from the article in the book, or you have a better answer or question, please click the edit button at the bottom of the page to comment and interact, or contact the author through [email protected] , thank you for your support and help.

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